Raise the Bar Intramural Program


It takes passion, patience, and planning to build an intramural culture that will grow year after year. Ophea’s Raise the Bar Intramural Program aims to support educators and students working together to deliver a quality, inclusive, and sustainable intramural program in their school.

This easy-to-follow program supports educators who are new to running intramurals or those who need additional support and strategies or are looking to further involve student leaders.

The Raise the Bar Intramural Program includes strategies on how to create a safe and inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging and helps students develop their social skills, co-operation, teamwork, leadership, physical literacy, and overall health.

This program provides an easy-to-follow 4-step process to guide you every step of the way, and sample activities to get you started and add variety to your program.


The philosophy that drives Ophea’s Raise the Bar Intramural Program is the belief that every student should have an opportunity to be physically active. We believe that all participation is equal. As leaders in our schools we have great influence over the types of programs we offer and who has the opportunity to participate. Ophea's Raise the Bar Intramural Program provides the training, tools and resources, and step-by-step process to help schools create opportunities for all students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions